Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more pictures!!!!

our work area isn't as neat as it should be i guess. that part needs cleaning next!
brown sheep is near us, so we're stocking it! gorgeous yarn. and practically locally made.

that far wall is dk yarn... from Jagger. the most luscious stuff evah...

our wall of sample size (25 gram) skeins of lace weight! I want one of each...

candis, skeining up a bit of yarn!

a wall of JaggerSpun along with luscious silk roving! mmmmmm

Candis's fabulous skein winder that is making it so we can sell yarn that only comes on cones, can be sold in hanks. Jagger for example only comes on a cone, and is LOVELY yarn, but unavailable to the average knitter because you have to buy the stuff by the POUND!!!


  1. Hi, Your store looks wonderful, a new place to go when traveling to the Hills. I heard about you from some gals in a sock knitting class at Athena Fibers. Good luck.

  2. Great job on the skein winder!! who would have thought that could make it more affordable! Great job!! The shop looks wonderful!!!

  3. So I just realized you had this blog, too. Oh my the store looks fantastic! I can't wait to come hang out.

    You guys are doing a great job.

  4. I drove by last night and peeked in the windows. What are you regular hours going to be?

    I can't wait to visit!