Tuesday, December 27, 2011

join the yarn club!

so, starting January 3 (because the 1st is a sunday and we're closed sunday and monday) there is a special yarn club available. it costs $35.00. you get a tote bag (which will have the year on it). when you bring this tote bag to the shop, you get 10% off your total purchase (excluding wheels and wheel accessories and items on consignment). additionally, all yarn that comes in will go in a member's only area for a week. members will be able to shop there, getting first crack at any yarn that arrives.

then, the coolest bit is this: during your birthday week, bring the tote bag and you will get 25% off everything you can cram into it (only on items that are discountable). also, on your birthday you will get a small free gift!

it's going to be pretty neat! you should think about it. (also it makes a perfect gift for a knitter/crocheter).

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