Friday, December 28, 2012

Knitting Niceness

That was the title of the interview that Emily Szink of KNBN TV (NewsCenter 1) did on the Annual Scarfing that C R Yarn does, uh, annually.

Here is the text from the TV interview:

Here's a story that will really warm your heart.  A local knitting shop has knitted over forty scarves and hat sets that they placed throughout downtown in hopes that those who need them, will take them. 

Three years ago a knitting shop came to Main Street and it's owner didn't want to be just another shop in town, she wanted to give back.       

Rita Nauman owns CR Yarn, a popular knitting shop with a friendly atmosphere and a creative vibe.
Rita explained that many yarn shops give back to the community through their work.
"When we opened the yarn shop we tried to come up with a charity to donate knitting to, because that is a typical thing for yarn shops to do. And when I searched for a charity, I couldn't find one that seemed like a right fit for the shop so we sort of came up with our own,” said Rita Nauman, the owner of CR Yarn. What Rita came up with three years ago was an event that turned into a fun outing for all those involved.  

 Bundled in their winter gear and in high spirits and singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs, 15 or so participants go around downtown putting scarves and hats on each of the 43 presidents.  
This has been a Christmas Eve tradition that Rita hopes will continue for many years to come and all the scarves and hats are homemade by local knitters. Each set comes with a little note.
The goal of the evening event is to outfit those in need with a new hat and scarf for the winter season.

"When I wanted to open a yarn shop I wanted to be par tof the Community of Rapid City, not just a store trying to make money. So this is something that I can do that gives back to the whole community.  Even it you're not one of the people that picks up a scarf, it's neat to go out on Christmas Eve and see the scarves on all the presidents." 

A scarf takes around ten hours to knit and a hat takes about six and there are 43 presidents throughout downtown. This means almost seven hundred hours were spent making these sets.
But, to the women who knitted them, time doesn't matter. 

KNBN graciously gave us permission to use their video on our blog, but I can't get it to upload onto this site. So, here is the link to the story on NewsCenter 1 KNBN TV Rapid City, SD. 

We really do enjoy sharing with our community. If you are in the Downtown area of Rapid City, please stop in and say "HI" to us. 


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