Friday, October 23, 2009


We're harvesting some really lovely colors and textures here at C. R. Yarn...
last night, before knit night, i arrived home to a couple of LOVELY big boxes of alpaca yarn. this stuff is SO yummy, you just have to come and see it. we have some gorgeous variegated worsted weight, beautiful solids in both dk and sock weight.
This lovely Sport Weight stuff is called Baby Twist. In comes in a whole lot of colors--we have about 12 so far... saying it is SOFT is such an understatement, i can't express it. if i were independently wealthy i think i'd buy enough to just roll around on top of it. Oh my!
these amazing colors are called "Socrates" and are a baby alpaca, merino wool, bamboo, nylon blend. i'm absolute certain that blue is going to make amazingly fabulous socks.
here's mojito--it's 100% baby alpaca and amazingly beautiful stuff. i love the variegation and the softness.
November classes will be announced tomorrow!

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  1. I love the photos of the yarn! The Alpaca has super lovely colors. Mojito - my favorite!