Thursday, April 22, 2010

the new place

On May 2 we're moving to a new location downtown. we got to go look, the work is not all done, but i wanted to introduce you to the space. :-)

this is the front window--i can't wait to start having a place for real displays :-)

all this lovely slat board will be used to hang yarn--i'm excited about having all those little separate spots to hang different weights of yarn.

more pics of our little slat board areas...

this is our backroom--we will be designating this as a "work room/classroom". that's the bathroom in the corner.


  1. It looks great!
    Too bad I'm not in South Dakota.
    It will be surprising how quickly all that space gets eaten up by yummy yarn.
    Are you going to get UV film on the windows to keep stuff from fading?

  2. Oh, that will be such a great space for you! And I can totally understand the excitement over slat-board.

  3. Am I silly or what? I posted my comment in your former post. Anyway, I am very happy you are getting this move done.

  4. It looks fantastic!!! Can't wait!

  5. oh so cool.... i dont have to walk so far cool...

  6. Bathroom! WOW nice!! It looks much bigger. I can't wait for us girls to come out and visit to see everything!

  7. Rita - When are you moving?