Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loom With A View

As I sit at my Loom at C R Yarn I have a view. The view from my Loom is of the new Main Street Square. This last week they put the ice skating rink back into operation. It seems like a minute ago that we had Summer Nights and children running through the sporadically spouting fountains where the ice skaters are now. Time really goes quickly these days. Is it due to our technology? I mean, 30 years ago, we had computers that filled a room and today all of us carry a computer in our pocket called a “cell phone”.  We can be instantly connected with someone literally around the world, or in the midst of our neighborhood. Or is it because we are all getting older? “I remember when..” used to be said to us by our Grandparents, whenever they wanted to tell us about something wonderful or terrible from their childhood. Have you caught yourself saying that yet? When I was ten years old I said to a friend of my Dad’s “In all my born days, tI never saw such a thing” and wondered why they both laughed at me. :) Getting older also means gaining wisdom and that is a good thing.

But back to my view from the Loom. I also see straight lines of yarn going through the beater/reed, into the heddles and then back to the back of the loom. I see the weft (yarn that fills in the lines) going back and forth making a scarf. All of this is quite orderly. I see form and order in my weaving. I see some kinds of form and order on the ice skating rink (sometimes I see crashes and falls) too. Somehow fiber that is spun, yarn that is knitted, crocheted or woven creates form and order in our otherwise not so orderly life.

We are celebrating the month of November as Customer Appreciation Month. We have some items displayed in our windows that were hand-made by our customers from yarn purchased here. They have truly created some beautiful things made with order and form.

Come in during November for a bit of appreciation from Rita, Amanda and Sue. We really enjoy our customers and are so fortunate to be able to assist you as you create your masterpieces.

Don’t forget that we are closed on Thanksgiving Day but OPEN on BLACK FRIDAY with lots of sales! Check out our website for the deals we will be having.

Sue from the Loom With A View at C R Yarn, 519 Main St. Rapid City, SD

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