Sunday, February 24, 2013

Long Week

This has been a long week for Rita and Sue. We both had our challenges and crazy moments. We had traveling, company, headaches, heartbreaks and little sleep. BUT, we survived! We are moving along on the Hand Crafted in the hills Fiber Festival preparations. We have a bunch of vendors interested, we have classes forming, exciting FUN things to do together in the evenings planned and we are getting lots of interest from people. This is going to be so much fun!

And the Crafted in Rapid booths are coming along quite nicely too. We hope to have everyone in their booths and set up to sell by March 1, which is Friday already! We have such a wonderful list of vendors in the Crafted in Rapid booths, they are: Eagles Wings Enterprises, Yarnsanity, Chinook Winds Bison, SageRidge Mill and Critters, Native Life Designs, Backporch Fiber and Metalworks Studio, Spindlers Cottage and Fuzzbee Yarns. It is so nice to see the booths filling up with merchandise, knowing that the people who created these items have done this with their own hands and expertise, bringing age-old crafts to our midst.

Rita is feeling better and will be back in the shop, while Sue has to take a couple of days off for a funeral. Amanda is busily preparing items for the Fiber Festival while all of us are looking forward to seeing you in the shop.

Thank you to our Fiberly Community for shopping with us, sharing our lives and our passion about fiberly, yarny stuff. We appreciate you so much!


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