Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wow! Technology is a pain!

Well, we have been off and on, mostly off, the internet for several days now. I did not realize how much I use the internet. I have a question in my mind, or I want to see how much something costs, or what it looks like and I am off to the search engine. I communicate with friends on facebook, through email and on blogs but only if I am connected to the internet.

I did more reading and knitting in the last few days than previously. I also went to bed earlier than usual, hmmm wonder if I am addicted to the internet? Ha! not me! I am not addicted to yarn either!

So, with all this non-internet time on my hands I paid more attention to the yarn and fiber in my stash. I found so many lovely yarns that I had hand-spun. Then there were all the unfinished projects lounging around in my multitude of canvas bags (can one have too many canvas bags?) I worked on knitting my mittens before summer and actually finished one. (I already have 3 "pairs" of one mitten each) And I helped my husband get ready to put his jewelry into his booth at Crafted in Rapid. And I worked at the shop.

I am amazed at how much time I spend online and how much I depend on the internet. Maybe I have been entertained by different things for a few days, but I am much happier that I have my connection to the world back.

Speaking of connecting, we now have needlepoint yarns at the shop called Waverly Wool by Brown Sheep. And the craft booths are slowly getting set up in the Crafted in Rapid area of the store. So come in and connect with us and see what we have going on in the back room.


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