Thursday, March 28, 2013

Classes Updated! Purchase Here

Hi everyone, we have not forgotten you!

Here is the latest, as of March 28, 2013, list of Class Openings for Hand Crafted in the Hills.

 April 27
9am Beginning Knitting (2 hr) 4 openings

11am Wacky Warping (2 hr) 1 opening

1pm Toe Up Sock Toes (1 hr) 4 openings

2pm Beginning Crochet (2 hr) 5 openings

3pm Beginning Wheel Spinning (2 hr) 3 openings

4pm Spindle Spinning (2 hr) 4 openings

Sunday April 28

10am 3D Needle Felting (2 hr) 5 openings

11am Hat Recipe (2 hr) 6 openings
12pm Blending Board (2 hr) 3 openings
12pm Toe Up Sock Heels (1 hr) 4 openings

1pm Rigid Heddle Weaving (2 hr) FULL
3pm Rug Hooking (2 hr) 6 openings
3pm Navajo Plying (2hr) 6 openings

If you are interested in taking any class that has an opening, PLEASE, use the Paypal link to the right.
And, MOST IMPORTANT, please put in the shipping description, the name of the class or classes that you want to take. Otherwise, we have no way of knowing which class you want and we want you to get a class!!

TOE UP SOCK CLASS is a 2 hr class offered on both days: toe first on Saturday and heel second on Sunday. You only need to pay 25$ for this class as it is ONE class.

We are so excited for the Fiber Festival and it is not very far away.

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