Thursday, March 28, 2013

Some Class Descriptions for Hand Crafted in the Hills.

We have only received a few class descriptions from our teachers so far. I will continue to post the descriptions as soon as I receive them.

Here is what we have:

Teacher: W. Michael Woody
 I had the advantage of being taught to spin by my grandmother. I've been spinning, dyeing and weaving, off and on, tor over 50 years.I am now a retired elementary school teacher and I do woodworking and build tools for fiber artists right here in the Black Hills.

Beginning Spindle Spinning: In this two hour class you will learn the basics of drop spindling. You will begin with some wool fiber and walk away with yarn that you have spun. I will provide student spindles for you to use in the class. They will also be for sale after class if you want to keep the one you use at a reasonable price. ($20.00)  Supplies: 1 oz fiber available for $2.00

Fiber blending: In this class you will blend fibers on a blending board, Using English Hackles, Viking Combs and a Drum Carder. You will blend different colors and textures of wool and prepare it for spinning. You will also learn to use a diz to create roving from bats on the drum carder.

Teacher: Heather Gordon

Heather has been involved in fiber arts since she was 7 yrs old.  Being taught to knit and crochet by her grandmothers started a life-long obsession.  Several years ago she started spinning and fell down the "rabbit hole" hard.  She now shares a small farm with her husband and her daughter.  They raise sheep, angora goats, and llamas all for their fiber.  She is living out her dream combining her love of fiber, animals, and country living.

3-D Needle Felting:  

In this class we will be exploring the basics of sculpting wool with felting needles.  We will be needle felting a jointed teddy bear.

Supplies List: 

Felting needles:  36 gauge, 38 gauge triangle, 40 gauge triangle, 
5x5  Felting foam (foam rubber or sponges will not work), 
2 oz of clean wool for main color
, 1/2 oz of clean wool for contrast color
 (Wool may be in roving, batt  or cloud form)
, Bamboo skewer, 
Waxed thread(waxed dental floss
), and a 4 inch doll needle.

Teacher: Sue Jensen
Sue has been knitting since a tender young age and spinning and weaving for the last 15 years. She learned to weave on rigid heddle looms and then purchased a floor loom. She learned to weave on the floor loom with determination and a book and hopes to help others learn from her mistakes! She now weaves at c r yarn in Rapid City and discovered that weaving is necessary to living a balanced life.

Wacky Warping
An un-traditional method of warping a floor loom and a rigid heddle loom. You will learn how to wind a simple warp on the warping board, how to sley the reed and thread the heddles, tie onto the beams and tie up the treadles on a floor loom. You will also learn how to warp a small rigid heddle loom which will be provided to use. There will be no actual weaving in this class. There will be handouts and suggested resources, no materials fee.

Rigid Heddle Weaving

We will take the previously (in the Wacky Warping Class) warped Rigid Heddle loom and learn the parts and learn how to weave a small scarf. There will be handouts and suggested resources. Warp will be provided for the class. Weft may be brought to the class with you, or purchased at the vendors booths.

Supplies: You will need bulky weight yarn. The Rigid Heddle Loom will be available for sale at the end of the class. There is a 5$ fee for the warp which is provided.

Teacher: Patricia Blaser-Mexican 
is a Mixed Media & Textile Artist whose interest in fiber techniques has changed and evolved as her media explorations developed since first exhibiting her photography in juried shows in the 1970’s. Her road to the fiber arts has been a process of building upon previous experiences and works to expand and develop new ways of using texture & color to tell a story. Over the years she has created and exhibited paintings, batiks, marbling, weavings, rug hooked art, quilts and embroidered and felted dimensional pieces, as well as alternative photographic processes printing on fabric and other surfaces.  She spins, weaves and enjoys designing purses & dimensional objects and rugs with the different colors and textures of handspun and dyed yarns, roving and recycled wool "cloth” employing different rug hooking and weaving styles. She prefers using local plant dyes in work.

Rug Hooking: The fiber art of rug hooking using wool yarn as your medium. Students will make a mug rug out of wool yarn on a burlap backing. There will be kits available to purchase at the Fiber Festival or you may bring your own supplies.

Supplies:The kit includes:Burlap with sunflower pattern (pattern by Backporch Fiberworks studio),
Embroidery  or quilt hoop size #10, # G hook, Yarn for flower, leaves and background, Yarn needle, Yarn for edging, Felt for backing, Color photo to use as a guideline, Instructions (This level is for beginners and up)
. This is NOT a latch-hook rug class.

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