Monday, April 29, 2013

It's all over, the party's over, BUT WE HAD FUN

What a wonderful weekend was had by all! WAW What A Weekend! We had fun. The vendors were awesome, the massages by Natalie and Esmeralda were "to die for" and the classes were great. Rita, Sue and Amanda found themselves running here and there to keep things rolling but it was good exercise and fun. We met so many wonderful Fiberistas and made new friends. We learned a few new techniques or even honed a few skills. We ate at Perkins so much we know all the wait staff by name!

Our vendors were great people, some had to haul stuff from many miles away while others just came from across town. Thanks to all of you: Chinook Winds Bison Yarn and Fiber, Red Barn Wool Station, Cloud 9 Fiberworks, The Dyeing Arts, Fall River Fibers, c r yarn, Yarnsanity, New Hope Massage, Spindlers Cottage, Kasha Knits, Eagles Wings Enterprises, and Black Hills Woolies.

The teachers were great too: Michael, Daria, Sue, Rita, Amanda, Pat, Heather, and Teresa. Thank you all. The students were really the best, they learned quickly and enjoyed their time.

We enjoyed the Ravelry class and Rita, as she showed us how it works, created a Ravelry "person" named "handcraftedhills" so we could all connect with one another on Ravelry! Check it out.

We plan on doing this again next year at the same place, Grand Gateway Hotel, but the date will be changed. The 2014 date is April 4, 5 and 6, another weekend. It was really fun to stay in the hotel, so that we were only slightly late to things since we only had to walk down a hallway. (our apologies to the ladies at Fall River Fibers) The elevator still gets bad reviews though for the door being too darn quick to close!!

I will post photos of our fun here, on the website ( and on facebook 'cryarn' and 'CRYarn Shop' for you to see some of what went on. If anyone else has photos to share please post them on the cryarn group page on facebook.

Thanks so much to everyone that came, to the wonderful staff at the Grand Gateway and wait staff at Perkins, we appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you again next year!
Sue (aka SDSue on Ravelry)


  1. I need to apologize to Daria of Cloud 9 Fiberworks as I listed her booth as Dream Clouds in the pre-update to this post. I am sorry Daria.8-(

  2. Wow...looks like it was a blast! I kinda wish I could have been there (only kinda because I loooooove Bardic Madness and it was wonderful). Amanda, lookit you knitting on your back...I can't do that, I lose gauge and my arms start to hurt!